Progold, active in the alloys and master alloys sector for high-end jewellery, and Bluclad, market leader for the Italian electroplating fashion accessories industry, created the Xolutions Group to become an integrated platform to serve the luxury market.

The Group is an Italian integrated one-stop-shop platform serving the most important brands in the luxury market through the Fashion division and the Jewellery division of Progold, the leading supplier of master alloys and other products and services for jewellery manufacturing, and Bluclad, the undisputed market leader of electroplating solutions for metal accessories in the luxury fashion industry.

In 2021, the Group registered a revenue result of 54 million euros and set a challenging target to reach by the end of 2022, thanks to the traits and characteristics of each company. In 2023 the Group will expand to new markets and will support more and more customers worldwide, gaining new market shares in areas where they are establishing new relations.

The synergy between the Research & Development laboratories and the innovative minds of the companies in the Group has already brought to light new electroplating solutions for luxury jewellery. The potential synergies between the two companies and the related business units are a huge opportunity to bring together innovation, know-how, experience, and a wide offer to satisfy the needs and requests of all the customers.

These elements linked to the historical relationships created between the companies and the manufacturers allow the group to be known for the leading positioning of both Progold and Bluclad. The Research & Development pairs with a highly service-oriented offering, aiming to satisfy any business request.

A New Group to support Luxury brands both in Fashion and Jewellery

The strong management of the companies is extremely engaged and involved in this new path together and is supporting the creation of internal synergies between different plants and areas.

Damiano Zito, CEO of Progold, after a year of cooperating together with Bluclad is satisfied “We combined our resources and competencies, matching two strong business models that aim to support our customers’ success in their own business challenges. We joined forces to design and create a galvanic product line dedicated to the goldsmith industry, which brought unique value to our customers.”

Marco Eruli, Chairman and CEO of Bluclad, and Leandro Luconi, Technical Director, reported: “The enthusiasm we had at the beginning keeps increasing while our offering grows together with that of Progold. Our Group is becoming the baseline for our industry, with a strong aim to bring value to our customers and provide them with all the services needed for their own business”.

Gioconda, the Italian subsidiary of LBO France, a key private equity player in France and Italy over the last 35 years, operating in the business transmission market, had a role in the creation of this new reference Group.

Arthur Bernardin, Managing Director of Gioconda, commented on the operation: “Bluclad and Progold are a classic example of companies in which we are enthusiastic about investing, thanks to a strong and cohesive management team, a market leadership position, a strong orientation towards growth and innovation.”